LA Chargers: AFC power rankings after blowout loss to Baltimore Ravens

LA Chargers v Baltimore Ravens
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LA Chargers v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/GettyImages

AFC power rankings, the top five:

5. Tennessee Titans (Last week: 6)

The Tennessee Titans ended the Week 6 slate with a massive win over the Buffalo Bills in front of their home crowd. The game came down to the final play and if the Bills would have kicked the field goal then they could have gone into overtime and won the game.

I agree with the decision to go for it on fourth and one there for the Bills but I do not agree with the play-call. You can do better than a quarterback sneak in the biggest moment of the game. That being said, even if the Bills pulled it off the Titans' stock would have risen with how competitive the game was.

4. Kansas City Chiefs (Last week: 4)

It was a little shaky there at the beginning for the Kansas City Chiefs against the Washington Football Team but the Chiefs rallied to put Washington away and cover the spread as 6.5-point favorites. While it was a much-needed win, the Chiefs still have problems that could hold them back.

The offense is still committing careless turnovers and the defense continues to struggle even if it only allowed 13 points against Washington. Kansas City has a big test against the Titans in Week 7, gets a break against the Giants in Week 8 and has to play the Packers in Week 9 and the Cowboys in Week 11.

There is a reality in which the Chiefs are 5-6 through 11 games.

3. LA Chargers (Last week: 1)

The LA Chargers are still a top-five team even if they were blown out in Week 6. Yes, it was ugly, but the Bolts were dealing with several impactful injuries, were on the road in an early game and were simply flustered. It happens. Every team has a bad game and the final margin is not enough to put them lower than the Chiefs on this list.

The Chargers still have a win over the no. 4 ranked team in the AFC and the no. 6 ranked team in the AFC. They narrowly beat one of the best teams in the NFC and were the first team to beat the Raiders.

Three wins against potential playoff teams is enough to keep the Bolts at third heading into the bye week.

2. Buffalo Bills (Last week: 2)

Are the Buffalo Bills the most all-around talented team in the AFC? Probably. But when we are talking about resume, there is only one team that makes a case for the top spot on this list after the Bills lost to the Titans on Monday Night Football.

If the Bills won that game it would be a different story but a loss and 4-2 record keeps them as the no. 2 team in the conference, even if they are probably the best bet to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl as it stands today.

1. Baltimore Ravens (Last week: 3)

Beating the no. 1 team in last week's rankings results in the Ravens moving to the top spot. While the Ravens have some ugly wins under their belt (Detroit, Indianapolis) they also have some really solid wins as well.

The Ravens have beaten both the no. 4 and no. 3 ranked team in the AFC en route to their 5-1 record. Their only loss was the overtime loss in Week 1 against the Las Vegas Raiders that very easily could have gone the other way and resulted in a 6-0 record after six weeks.

The Ravens host the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 7, which will be a test for both teams. After that, the schedule really is not that hard for the Ravens and it would not be that shocking at all to see them win 14-15 games and be the no. 1 seed in the AFC.

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I still like several other top teams in the playoffs over Baltimore, but they can easily get that coveted first-round bye.