LA Chargers: 3 hugely important outcomes to hope for in preseason game vs. 49ers

Los Angeles Chargers v Los Angeles Rams
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2. The LA Chargers young running backs to have great showings

Larry Rountree was the biggest standout for the LA Chargers in the first preseason game against the Rams. Rountree ran the ball very well against the Rams and had the only touchdown of the contest.

It was more than just the numbers, though. Rountree showed great field vision in finding the running lanes and attacking them. Yes, it was against a second-string defense, but that kind of vision translates no matter who is playing.

Joshua Kelley was not as good and his career with the Chargers has not been good. He was a reach when the team picked him in the fourth round last year and he was one of the worst running backs in the NFL last season.

The hope in this game is that Rountree continues to show the really positive signs that he already displayed while Kelley shows an improvement. This is especially important considering the rest of the running back room.

Austin Ekeler is just fine, there is no reason to be concerned with him. However, Justin Jackson keeps getting hurt time and time again and perhaps it is time to give up on him being this great dynamic back that we all hoped for.

Yes, he has shown flashes of being really good but that is all they have been... flashes! He is not consistent and that is because he cannot stay on the field.

The Chargers need either Rountree or Kelley to step up and prove themselves to be a true, quality second running back option because they are likely going to need it.