3 reasons why the Khalil Mack trade is all upside for the Chargers

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Joey Bosa
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1. Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa are going to elevate each other

Even if Khalil Mack's pass-rush production has regressed a tad in recent years the fact of the matter is that he has never played alongside someone as talented as Joey Bosa. The Chargers have two of the most talented edge rushers in the entire league and it is going to be a nightmare to game plan for them both on any given Sunday.

Having Bosa on the other side of the line is going to open up things for Mack and create favorable matchups where he does not get double-team or chip-blocked as often. The same can obviously be said for Bosa.

Bosa was getting double and sometimes even triple-teamed last season and was still able to put pressure on the quarterback. Having Mack out there on the field with Bosa is going to keep teams from doing that and having each other is only going to make each man stronger.

Plus, Mack is reuniting with Brandon Staley, who was the linebackers coach for the Bears in Mack's best season as a pro. If there is anyone that knows Mack's skillset and can maximize both he and Joey Bosa then it is Staley.

Just imagine the things that the Chargers can do on the front line. I can't wait for the first time that Bosa runs a stunt that puts him on a one-on-one with a guard right next to Mack on a tackle. How in the world can an NFL team stop that?