Khalil Mack trade and 9 other genius Chargers moves Tom Telesco nailed

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2. Chargers sign Casey Hayward Jr.

Casey Hayward Jr. is no longer with the Chargers (although he can now be brought back) but he still remains a fan favorite. Hayward came to LA and was the most popular player on the defense before James and Joey Bosa as he was a legitimate CB1 for the Chargers for several years.

What made this signing so savvy by Telesco is the fact that Hayward was not a hot commodity when the team signed him. Green Bay let Hayward walk away and had no interest in re-signing him and the Chargers swooped in and signed him to a team-friendly three-year deal.

This led to two very good seasons for Hayward in which he was named a Pro Bowler and All-Pro Second Team player twice. He also led the league in interceptions with seven in his first season with the team.

1. Chargers draft Keenan Allen in the third round

The best move that Telesco has ever made as Chargers general manager came in his first-ever draft with the team. It is unfortunate that he has not been able to top this yet but that would be very hard to do.

Keenan Allen is going to go down as the best wide receiver in franchise history when it is all said and done and the Chargers were able to snag him in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Allen was instantly a contributor at the highest level and still plays at an elite level today.

The only unfortunate thing about Allen and his Chargers career is his health. If Allen didn't battle such bad injuries early on in his career then he would already have the record for the most receiving yards by a wideout in franchise history. He probably would be above Antonio Gates' all-time franchise record as well.