Keenan Allen takes huge step on Thursday's Chargers injury report

Detroit Lions v Los Angeles Chargers
Detroit Lions v Los Angeles Chargers / Harry How/GettyImages

Keenan Allen is coming off of yet another incredible game in Week 10 against the Detroit Lions. Allen's great game did not come without a price, though, as the Chargers' star wide receiver suffered a shoulder injury that knocked him out of the game.

Allen returned to the game and scored another touchdown after the injury but it was clear that the shoulder was still bothering him. It was bothering him enough on Wednesday to hold him out of practice altogether, causing Chargers fans to justifiably panic about Week 11.

Allen was not alone on Wednesday's injury report as both Gerald Everett and Donald Parham also didn't practice. If those statuses held on Sunday, the Chargers would be without their WR1, WR2, WR3, TE1 and TE2.

Thankfully, there now appears to be a much better chance of Allen suiting up on Sunday. After missing practice on Wednesday, Allen returned to practice on Thursday (along with Parham) as every Chargers fan breathed a sign of relief.

Keenan Allen's playing for the Chargers is the key to winning in Week 11

While anything can happen on any given Sunday, it is hard to see the Chargers beating the Green Bay Packers in a game where Keenan Allen doesn't play. Green Bay does not have some prolific defense that will maul Justin Herbert but it wouldn't take that to stop the Chargers without Allen.

With how the Chargers' defense played, it is hard to envision a world where the Chargers could keep up offensively if there is no Allen on the field. The Bolts cannot run the ball (so they cannot protect a lead) and eventually, the defense would crack. Jordan Love may not be elite, but he is talented enough to beat a bad defense.

Allen playing changes everything, though. Not only would it give Herbert his No. 1 weapon that he could turn to for another huge game, but it would make life easier for every other receiver on the Chargers. Having Allen out there will put Quentin Johnston and Jalen Guyton in better positions to succeed. Without Allen, the Chargers would have to stick both of them on the boundary and keep Derius Davis in the slot.

There are still several more days until the Chargers make the trip to Lambeau Field and anything can happen before Sunday but this is a very promising sign. With the season potentially on the line, it looks like the greatest receiver in franchise history is going to suit up.