Keenan Allen breaks Chargers fans' hearts with latest golf course video

Detroit Lions v Los Angeles Chargers
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It happened nearly one month ago and it still does not feel real. The LA Chargers traded long-time wide receiver Keenan Allen to the Chicago Bears for a fourth-round pick and some much-needed salary-cap space.

The move was met with instant backlash from fans as Allen was the most popular non-quarterback on the roster. However, once details emerged that Allen and his camp turned down a two-year extension offer from the Bolts, it became clear that the team simply had to do what it had to do.

Allen now has a new opportunity for a young, exciting Bears team that will have first-overall pick Caleb Williams under center. Seeing Allen on another team never seemed like a real possibility, but the former Chargers receiver has taken the change in full stride.

And even though Chargers fans have gotten a month to get over this move, seeing Allen supporting the Bears does not get any easier. Even something as simple as Allen getting a Bears golf ball market is hard to watch for Bolts fans.

Chargers fans will never get used to Keenan Allen saying "go Bears"

Somebody needs to pinch us because this feels like a nightmare that every Chargers fan needs to wake up from. Sure, it made sense from a business perspective, but it does not make it any less painful that Allen is now openly supporting his new team.

Allen joins a shortlist of all-time Chargers greats who donned different uniforms at the end of their careers. The most recent of which was Allen's first quarterback, Philip Rivers. Rivers spent his last season in the league with the Indianapolis Colts. While he had a good year and made the playoffs, he never looked right wearing that uniform.

Before him, the most heartbreaking departure was LaDainian Tomlinson. Chargers fans have completely wiped their memories of Tomlinson wearing the Jets green. That never happened. Let's never talk about it again.

What makes Allen more painful than those two is the opportunities he was robbed of. Both LT and Rivers played on the Chargers long enough to establish themselves as the greatest in franchise history at their particular position.

With one more season, Allen would have become the Chargers ' all-time leader in receptions. If he had another great year, he could have passed Antonio Gates for the most receiving yards in franchise history as well.

Instead of having that history-making opportunity, Chargers fans are instead still mourning the departure of one of the last San Diego players.