Justin Herbert reacts to DeAndre Hopkins' rumored Chargers interest

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars
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The DeAndre Hopkins rumors are going to swirl until the elite possession receiver picks a new team, and the Los Angeles Chargers appear to once again be linked to him. When you have a quarterback like Justin Herbert, it's no wonder that Hopkins is interested in coming to LA.

In a video that has since gone viral many times over, Hopkins listed Herbert as one of the five quarterbacks he would most like to play with in the NFL. Even with Quentin Johnston joining the likes of Mike Williams and Keena Allen, Herbert would probably like it if Hopkins made the trip.

The mild-mannered Herbert was very appreciative of Hopkins putting him in such a rarified tier, saying that he has a ton of respect for him. This is about as close as Herbert is going to get to making some sort of bombastic statement, so this could be read as him vouching for Hopkins to come to LA.

Will the Los Angeles Chargers sign DeAndre Hopkins?

The biggest issue that might prevent a Hopkins acqusiiton is his salary, as he is likely going to seek out a very expensive deal that LA might not have the flexibility to dish out. If the Chargers can make the money work or Hopkins takes a cheaper deal, this could be a destructuive addition.

Good luck trying to stop a Kellen Moore-led passing attack that featured three receivers who can all go over 1,000 yards receiving fairly easily. Even with his suspension and Arizona's terrible quarterback play, Hopkins' per-game numbers were tremendous compared to his career averages.

Hopkins, Allen, and Williams may not be the fastest trio ever, but find a better combination of height, good hands, and red zone excellence in the league. Herbert could easily lead the league in touchdowns and compete for a division title with Hopkins.

Hopkins is still unlikely to come to LA, but you can bet that buzz between the two parties will pick up if his visit to the Titans doesn't amount to anything and he makes his desire for a ring clearer.