Justin Herbert dances around awkward question about Odell Beckham Jr joining Chargers

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Odell Beckham Jr. is a free agent and it is the biggest story in the NFL today, so much so that the spotlight has not been on Justin Herbert, who is coming off of an AFC Offensive Player of the Week nod in the LA Chargers Week 9 win.

Brandon Staley called off practice on Tuesday and Herbert did some media appearances to fill in his free time. One of the outlets that Herbert appeared on was NFL Network, where he was asked, among other things, about Beckham.

Andrew Siciliano asked Herbert about Beckham and the Chargers potentially putting in a waiver claim for him. Keep in mind, the Chargers were one of few teams that had the salary-cap space to take on Odell's contract. Odell has since passed through waivers and is a free agent.

To say that it was awkward is an understatement.

Justin Herbert obviously took his responding to the media 101 courses at Oregon as he had the perfect response to dance around the question. The checklist: compliment Beckham to avoid any "Herbert bashes Odell" headlines, compliment his receiving corps and say that it is out of his control... because it is.

This is such a weird question to ask Justin Herbert following a huge game in a big win for the LA Chargers. Obviously he was asked about the game and his season but this was the only clip that Siciliano or NFL Network shared from the interview.

Odell Beckham Jr. makes no sense on the LA Chargers, even with Justin Herbert

First of all, the Chargers have not been listed as a potential landing spot for Beckham at all. All of the NFL insiders with knowledge of the situation have connected him to teams such as the New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, or Seattle Seahawks. No connection to the Chargers.

That being said, Tom Telesco has been really good at working in silence in the past and just because it has not been reported doesn't mean it won't happen. However, Beckham makes so little sense for this Chargers team to begin with.

Sure, Odell wants to play on a winning team and wants to play with a good quarterback. More importantly, he wants to find somewhere where he can shine to raise his free-agent value next offseason. That place is not LA.

Beckham would be the third-best receiver on the Chargers behind Keenan Allen and Mike Williams and would probably start complaining about his targets a month into his tenure with the Bolts.

The Chargers simply do not need that kind of distraction. The team has a good thing going with Brandon Staley and Justin Herbert and Odell does not really add to that.

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The Chargers know that, the fans should know that and Justin Herbert certainly knows that.