Is Justin Herbert appearing on Netflix's 'Quarterback'? Chargers fans think so

Justin Herbert's answer regarding the hit Netflix series was very interesting...
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Following in the footsteps of Formula 1 and the PGA Tour, Netflix debuted its hit documentary, 'Quarterback' which followed Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins and Marcus Mariota throughout the 2022 season. With the response being very positive, many Chargers fans are now hoping to see Justin Herbert on season two of the show.

Herbert makes a great candidate for the show as well. The Chargers' signal-caller is rather reserved in the media, making a behind-the-scenes look feel truly exclusive. Plus, there is a natural storyline element already woven in as Herbert agreed to the second-largest contract in NFL history before training camp.

Like every other quarterback in the NFL, Herbert was asked about how he felt about the show and whether or not he would be interested in doing season two for Netflix. Herbert didn't give 'The Pat McAfee Show' a concrete yes, but his answer opened Pandora's Box for Chargers fans' imagination.

Is Chargers' Justin Herbert going to be on Netflix's 'Quarterback'?

Justin Herbert, nor the Chargers, have given a concrete answer on whether or not he will appear on the show. However, unlike many of his peers in the NFL, Herbert did not instantly shut the idea down, which at least puts him in the running to appear on the show in season two.

Chargers fans have already run with this clip on social media as well. Even though Herbert didn't say yes, many fans believe that this runaround answer (while saying it wouldn't be a distraction) is an indication that he is doing the show.

It may take some time until Chargers fans get an answer as well. Netflix did not announce the show until February of 2023, meaning that the three quarterbacks featured were all being documented without the football world knowing. An announcement may come sooner for season two with the cat out of the bag but Chargers fans may not truly know until the end of the 2023 season.

Regardless of if Herbert does the show or not, it is nice to see that his mindset is in the right place. This is someone who is not letting any outside distractions take him away from the game of football and that could result in some truly special things happening during the 2023 season.

If Chargers fans are lucky, all of those special moments will be well-documented through Herbert's eyes.