3 goals for Justin Herbert during LA Chargers training camp

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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LA Chargers training camp officially begins on Wednesday, June 28 and we are already starting to see player arrivals on the complex.

Justin Herbert's role this year in training camp is far different than it was last year. Last year, he was a wide-eyed young backup that got a throwing montage on HBO's 'Hard Knocks'. This year, he is piloting a Chargers team that many consider a Super Bowl dark horse with a brand new coaching staff and high expectations.

It is crazy to think how much things can change in a year. Last year, most Charger fans were not even fully sure if Herbert was the guy. Now, there is not a single player that any Charger fan would rather have.

LA Chargers training camp is going to be very helpful in giving us an idea of where the team stands before the 2021 season. For Herbert himself, there are three goals he should be focusing on.

Justin Herbert's three goals during LA Chargers training camp:

1. Stay healthy

This is obvious and that is why it is no. 1 on this list. If there is one thing that every Charger fan wants out of Herbert during the preseason it is that he remains healthy. It does not matter whatsoever if he accomplishes the other goals on this list. If he does not stay healthy it does not matter.

Luckily, it appears as if Brandon Staley is ahead of the curve and recognizes the injury risk in camp as well as the Chargers' bad injury history. The QB1 is already bubble wrapped during camp and Herbert especially will be protected until it is go-time in Week 1.

Let's just hope for some clean drives during the preseason to get Herbert back at game speed without any bumps or bruises.