Justin Herbert game grade, best throws from Chargers' Week 1 win

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The LA Chargers are off to the same start that they were off to last season with a Week 1 victory. However, this Week 1 victory was much sweeter as Justin Herbert and his team got revenge over the Las Vegas Raiders for last season's Week 18 classic.

Heading into this game we preached about how the difference in talent level at the quarterback position would be a big reason why the Chargers emerged victoriously. Raiders fans denied that theory, claiming that Carr was also an elite QB, and to some, is better than Justin Herbert.

The game played out as expected as Herbert looked awesome yet again and Carr looked horrible. The latter wound up throwing three interceptions and losing another fumble, finishing with the seventh-lowest QBR in Week 1. Herbert, meanwhile, finished with the third-highest QBR in Week 1, which fuels his grade for the game.

Justin Herbert Week 1 game grade: A-

Justin Herbert was firing on all cylinders in this game. He wound up completing 26 of 34 passes for 279 yards and three touchdowns without turning the ball over once. When the Chargers put the ball in his hands they marched down the field and at times, made it look easy.

What was so impressive about Herbert's performance in this game was his ability to spread the ball out to all of his weapons. Keenan Allen was on pace for a huge game but pulled up with a hamstring injury in the second quarter. With Mike Williams and Josh Palmer not making much noise, Herbert had to spread it around and get everyone involved.

If the Chargers kept their foot on the gas late in the game and gave Herbert more first and second-down throwing opportunities then his final stat line would have been even more impressive. It was a great game but that is almost what we expect from Herbert, giving him an A-.

Justin Herbert's best throws in the Chargers Week 1 win:

3. Longest completion of the game.

Justin Herbert has made a name for himself for having pinpoint accuracy and timing in this league and this is yet another example of that in action. The TV angle of this throw does not seem as impressive but when you see the angle above, it is clear just how tight this window was.

There are literally three defensive backs cueing in on Keenan Allen on this play and Herbert not only puts the ball exactly where Allen needs it, but perfectly times it where the defensive backs are not yet near Allen and he can continue the play in stride.

2. Gerald Everett's first Chargers TD.

Gerald Everett absolutely bullied former Charger Roderick Teamer on this play as he backpedaled into the end zone after making the catch. The fact that he even made the catch is remarkable considering the smallest of windows this pairing had.

Not only does Herbert evade the pressure and smartly roll out towards his target, but the timing to throw it and get it there right when Everett turns around is remarkable. 90% of quarterbacks tuck and run or throw this ball away. Herbert, meanwhile, threw the one possible pass that could have been a completion.

1. It doesn't even make sense.

Justin Herbert had two open crossers underneath on this play that he easily could have thrown to for a first down. Most quarterbacks would have hit those open crossers, who probably would have been able to take the ball near the 10-yard-line.

However, Herbert makes the most of every opportunity and instead of taking that outlet, he finds the one possible seam in the Raiders' defense and throws an absolute rocket in a spot where only DeAndre Carter could catch it.

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This throw is absolutely ludicrous both in the fact that he actually attempted it and that he managed to throw an absolute pitch-perfect ball to Carter. This is the kind of highlight that quarterback coaches around the country will be showing their young QBs for years to come.