Justin Herbert puts together the drive of the season to send the Chargers to overtime

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders / Steve Marcus/GettyImages

All hope seemed to be lost for the LA Chargers against the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday Night Football. The Chargers trailed by 15 points with less than five minutes remaining in the game and with how sloppily they played all game, it was hard to expect them to turn things around.

However, that is when Justin Herbert decided to put his team on the back and put together two of the most impressive drives in the NFL this season. First, with a 15-point deficit, Herbert connected with Mike Williams on fourth and 23 for a touchdown that kept the Chargers in the game.

Most quarterbacks could sleep well at night knowing that they made that big of a play with the season on the line. Not Justin Herbert, he wanted more. The Chargers defense was able to force a three-and-out in the ensuing drive to give Herbert the ball back with just over two minutes remaining.

That is when Justin Herbert went to work for the LA Chargers.

The Chargers marched down the field while only making pass attempts and came up with several massive conversions when the game was on the line. In the first fourth and 10 of the drive Herbert was able to find Keenan Allen for the first down, extending the Chargers season and giving them more hope.

Four players later and former Charger Roderic Teamer held Jared Cook and the Chargers got another first down. After several passing attempts, the Chargers were had just over 10 seconds left to play from midfield.

That is when Herbert really showed how special he is. Needing to get closer to the endzone, Herbert found Jalen Guyton on a diving reception on the sideline to give the Chargers a manageable attempt at the touchdown.

The situation was set. Five seconds on the game clock. 12-yard-line. One attempt at a touchdown. Just give the ball to Justin Herbert, he will get the job done. And he did just that.

While this game was extremely frustrating, Chargers fans can at least sleep well at night knowing that they have perhaps the baddest man on the planet playing the quarterback position.