Joshua Palmer is being overlooked despite proving he can step up for Chargers

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers
Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers / Harry How/GettyImages

Despite most big free agency movements occurring before the start of the new league year, the Chargers continue to restock their roster. The latest addition is former Titans CB Kristian Fulton, who would fill in one of the roster's weakest spots.

Speaking of weak position groups, the wide receiver room is in most need of restocking. Star WRs Keenan Allen and Mike Williams leave big shoes to fill after years of being Philip Rivers and Justin Herbert's favorite weapons.

Allen was a top route runner and a third-down master, and Williams always surprised us with his spectacular catches. Now the Chargers must look for a WR1 in free agency or the 2024 NFL Draft.

NFL media and fans believe the Chargers are talentless in their current wide receivers group consisting of Joshua Palmer, Quentin Johnston and Derius Davis. For example, Pro Football Network posted this image on X, mocking the offense and comparing it to those led by quarterbacks such as Bryce Young, Jarrett Stidham and Daniel Jones:

Throughout all this, Joshua Palmer is being ignored despite showing that he is a capable receiver, especially when the offense needs him the most.

Even though Palmer has been WR3 or WR4 (depending on Jalen Guyton's availability), he has been consistent. In fact, he stepped up as a starter in 2022 when Allen and/or Williams were injured. Palmer averaged 5 receptions and 60 yards per game when at least one of them was out (including the Chiefs game when Williams was reinjured after one catch). He also caught 100+ yards in two of those games.

Joshua Palmer has proven he can show up for the Chargers in key moments

Palmer has proven to be clutch, especially against divisional foes. Chargers fans remember the aforementioned Chiefs Sunday night game in 2022. Despite Los Angeles losing to Kansas City, he caught a 50-yard TD pass and scored a go-ahead TD with less than two minutes to play (we all remember what happened afterward).

Another career highlight – and one of the few ones for the 2023 Chargers – happened at the end of last season's Week 4 game vs the Raiders. He caught a 51-yard bomb from Justin Herbert after the Chargers QB had just injured his left index finger.

Sports media is likely ignoring Joshua Palmer after missing nearly half of 2023 due to injury. However, he averaged a decent 58 yards per game in 10 games. Though he is neither expected nor ready to be the Chargers' WR1, Palmer could very well compete for WR2 with Quentin Johnston or a potential free-agency addition.