Joshua Palmer breaks Chargers fans' hearts reacting to Keenan Allen-Bears trade

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The LA Chargers made a move that nobody saw coming this offseason by trading Keenan Allen to the Chicago Bears for a fourth-round pick. Allen was the heart and soul of the Chargers organization but he was unwilling to take a pay cut, leading to a hard-to-make trade.

This was a move that was not met well by fans when it happened but it has grown to make more sense as time has gone on. Add in the fact that second-round pick Ladd McConkey has Allen-like traits and it is easier to stomach the trade than it was three months ago.

Regardless, it is still hard to see Allen on another team and fans are not the only ones who have that sentiment. Those who shared the locker room with Allen feel the same way, as shown by Joshua Palmer's latest comments about playing without Allen and Mike Williams, who was released (h/t Eric Smith,

"It was definitely different for me and I can only speak for myself. Definitely different when you're used to having your two best friends out there and now they are not. But they're nothing but a phone call away and I'm ready to move forward.

I was a little sad because they were my good friends and I looked up to Keenan and Mike. From a football standpoint, it's a business."

Joshua Palmer breaks Chargers fans hearts with Keenan Allen comments

It is safe to say the Allen trade also blindsided those in the locker room. While the Chargers have no option but to move forward without Allen on the team, it is clear the impact he had on this team extended past the gridiron.

And what he did on the field was exceptional as well. Allen is coming off a career season with the Chargers where he showcased his elite connection with Justin Herbert. As promising as McConkey looks, it will take time for him to develop a similar relationship.

It is now up to Palmer to step up and be who Allen was for him for the young receivers on the roster. The Chargers have three rookie receivers on the roster and a second-year first-round pick who is coming off a bad rookie season. As the longest-tenured receiver on the roster, Palmer has to assume leadership duties to ensure this receiving corps reaches its full potential.

Palmer is not going to be able to replace Allen or Williams alone but with a good season, and with McConkey playing a prominent role in his rookie season, the new Chargers duo can at least be similar to the previous Chargers duo.

It still stings to see them go, though.