Jim Harbaugh may have just confirmed the Chargers' draft intentions

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In the midst of free agency and the start of the new league year, the NFL is holding its annual meetings in Florida. Owners, general managers and head coaches meet for three days to approve rule changes, hold press conferences and mingle.

Chargers head coach Jim Harbaugh addressed the media on Monday. The statement that has drawn the most attention, as shared by NFL's Ian Rapoport, was Harbaugh's opinion on the draft's top-4 picks. He said it is likely that the first four players selected are QBs, meaning the 5th pick "is like the 1st pick" referring to those teams that already have a great quarterback.

Jim Harbaugh's strategy and praise on Michigan's J.J. McCarthy

Those comments could be part of Harbaugh's strategy to select his desired prospect. That's why he raves about Michigan QB J.J. McCarthy. Two months after telling Colin Cowherd that McCarthy could be the first QB selected, Harbaugh once again praised him. Also, several coaches and GMs supposedly congratulated him for developing McCarthy into a top prospect.

Bias aside for having coached him, Harbaugh might want the Cardinals – who hold the 4th pick – to trade down with a QB-needy team. Therefore, the Chargers would be in a position to pick the best non-QB prospect. Hours after Harbaugh's comments, NFL Network's Tom Pellisero tweeted the Commanders might go with J.J. McCarthy with the 2nd overall pick.

Marvin Harrison Jr. is a realistic Chargers draft pick

By saying "we know we got a great player that's gonna be there," Harbaugh is implying the Chargers will get the best player available with the 5th pick.

Therefore, in what seemed unrealistic weeks ago, Marvin Harrison Jr. might become available. He is the best non-QB prospect on most big boards. Not only is he a hall of famer's son, but a "pedigree prospect [...] with high-end production expected," according to NFL's Lance Zierlein. The Chargers must also replenish the WR room after Allen and Williams' departures.

NFL's Eric Edholm mentions Harbaugh could actually be pumping up McCarthy to set up a trade-down, and thus accumulate more draft picks for this year's rebuild. However, Harbaugh's statements imply they would certainly select Harrison Jr. if available.