Jim Harbaugh says the quiet part out loud about Chargers' WR room

Los Angeles Chargers Introduce Jim Harbaugh As Head Coach
Los Angeles Chargers Introduce Jim Harbaugh As Head Coach / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The most surprising move that the LA Chargers made this offseason was trading long-time wide receiver Keenan Allen. It definitely came as a shock to the fanbase but once details emerged about Allen turning down an extension, it became clear that the Chargers simply had to do what they had to do.

This doesn't make the trade any less shocking and it also doesn't make the wide receiver room any better. With the Chargers also releasing Mike Williams, the team boasts one of the worst wide receiver rooms in the league for Justin Herbert to throw to.

It is clear that the Chargers need to add wide receiver help in some capacity, whether it be in the 2024 NFL Draft or in free agency (or both). Head coach Jim Harbaugh definitely knows this, and he has made it beyond obvious that he does not think very highly of this room.

Jim Harbaugh's silence on Chargers' wide receiver room speaks volumes

Somebody sign Harbaugh up for "Dancing with the Stars" now that he is in Los Angeles as he danced around this question like no other. There is no better way to show off a lack of faith in a position group than to completely ignore the question at hand.

To be fair, Harbaugh was not going to come out and admit that the wide receiver room is not in a great place. Sure, he could have said something along the lines of needing to add to the room, but he is someone who typically has a positive spin. And when there is not an obvious spin to have, well, you get answers like this.

If fans really wanted to they could dissect this danced-around question even further. Does Harbaugh publicly showing he does not like this wide receiver room mean that the team is going to take a receiver with the fifth pick in the 2024 NFL Draft? That would certainly be a way to make Harbaugh more excited about this room.

Or does this mean that Harbaugh is not very high on the receivers who are already on the team? Joshua Palmer might not be a WR1, but he is still a solid wideout for any offense. And what about Quentin Johnston? Does Harbaugh not see the promise in him after a bad rookie season?

We all know this wide receiver room is bad and that is why the Allen trade was so jarring. But to see the head coach literally be at a loss for words when asked about it? Now that is a tad bit concerning.