How the LA Chargers can go 4-0 in November and boost their playoff standings

Cleveland Browns v Los Angeles Chargers
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Justin Herbert, LA Chargers
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How Chargers can win vs. Broncos in Week 12

Potentially the most important game of this stretch could also be the most dominant. The Broncos are 4-4 at the bottom of the AFC West. They just beat Washington by a score, but lost four straight games before that. Denver is a below-average team that can take out the worst in the league, but can't compete against playoff contenders. LA should get a huge win here.

Step one in achieving a fourth-straight victory against Denver is to take down Teddy Bridgewater. The Broncos quarterback has been sacked 22 times already this season. He's also making some damaging mistakes in the face of pressure, losing the ball on five interceptions and a fumble through the last four games. Despite that statistic, Denver still neglects their run game more than most teams, so the Chargers defense can really shine with QB pressures and sacks in this contest.

The Broncos have a slightly better defense, but they've also played some of the league's worst offenses. They are fairly balanced in their ability to shut down opponents run and pass attempts, so this should be another competition with plenty of opportunity though the air and on the ground for the Chargers. Derek Carr put up 341 yards on them a few weeks back, so expect no less from Herbert.

If LA can finish strong here, they'll escape the month of November with a 4-0 record to boast. Heading into a playoff push in December with an 8-3 record and four games worth of built up momentum would almost guarantee this team will be sitting comfortably in the standings.

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