3 greatest foreign-born players in LA Chargers history

The list of great foreign-born players to suit up for the Chargers is not very long.
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Best foreign-born players in Chargers history: 1. Darren Bennett

There could not have been anyone else to be No. 1 on this list as Darren Bennett made an immeasurable impact not just to the Chargers but to the game of American football as a whole. Bennett is one of the best and most influential international players of all time and the Chargers were the team to take a chance on him.

The Australian punter spent a career playing Australian rules football (which is similar to Rugby but not quite the same) before he would eventually jump over to the NFL. Bennett transitioned to the NFL in the 1990s, earning a chance to kick during training camp and the preseason with the Chargers.

After a one-season stint in NFL Europe (which is now defunct), Bennett earned the chance to be the starting punter for the Chargers and he shined. Bennett instantly came into the NFL and lit the punting world on fire by earning a Pro Bowl nod and First Team All-Pro in his first season.

Bennett would continue punting at a high level, spending the next nine seasons with the Chargers. He earned one more Pro Bowl nod in that span although you could argue that he was the best in the league during that timeframe.

Bennett is cited as a huge inspiration for any of the rugby or Australian rules football players that end up coming over to the States to try their hand at American football. Heck, he may have even influenced Harry Kane, who has said that he would love to be an NFL kicker once his soccer career is over.