5 great coaches the Chargers let slip between their fingers

What could have been...
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1. Brian Daboll

Shortly after fans had to watch Staley's Chargers drop to 0-2 on the season they also had to watch Brian Daboll's Giants come back from a 28-7 third-quarter deficit to tie the largest comeback in franchise history. Sure, it was against the Arizona Cardinals, but it was still a painful reminder of what could have been.

Success has followed Daboll everywhere he has been in the league. It started in Buffalo, where Daboll unlocked Josh Allen and helped turn him from a young project to one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Bills fans hate to admit it but Allen has not quite been the same since Daboll left Buffalo.

He left Buffalo to take the head coach job of the New York Giants. Despite having a roster that should have been competing for the first-overall pick, Daboll led his team to the playoffs (and won a game) in his first year as the head coach. He has now won both the Coach of the Year and the Assistant Coach of the Year.

All signs were pointing to the Chargers hiring Daboll back in 2021. He was the best offensive candidate and the Chargers had a franchise quarterback who needed an offensive mind to guide in his development. Daboll even had ties to Tom Telesco, which made the potential hire seem like a no-brainer.

Just when fans thought the Daboll hire was going to be announced, the Chargers shocked everyone by hiring Staley. Very little was known about Staley, who spent one season as the LA Rams defensive coordinator the year before.

The rest is history. Daboll spent one more year in Buffalo before leaving while Staley has slowly watched the fanbase turn on him in LA.