5 great coaches the Chargers let slip between their fingers

What could have been...

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3. Shane Steichen

It really does seem like the Philadelphia Eagles have been the biggest beneficiary of the Chargers letting good coaches slip away. Reich played a big role in the Eagles' Super Bowl win with Nick Foles and Sirianni led the ship for the Eagles in the team's Super Bowl appearance last season.

Shane Steichen also played a big role in the Eagles making the Super Bowl last season. Steichen was the team's offensive coordinator and crafted one of the most dynamic offenses in the league around a quarterback who a lot of pundits had serious questions about prior to the season.

This earned Steichen head coaching buzz and he cashed in by following in Reich's footsteps and becoming the head coach of the Colts. There were question marks about just how impactful Steichen was in Philly or if Sirianni was carrying him, for lack of a better phrase.

Well, the results have been great for the Colts so far in 2023. Indy is 1-1 on the season but the offense has looked dynamic with Anthony Richardson under center. Like Jalen Hurts, Richardson was someone who a lot of smart football minds doubted before his rookie year.

It is a small sample size, sure, but the Colts have scored 52 points in two games this season and played a very competitive game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 1. There is obviously something working for Steichen in Indy.

Steichen was Justin Herbert's offensive coordinator in 2020 and was let go along with Anthony Lynn after the season. It is a real shame too considering the Chargers hired a defensive-minded head coach in Brandon Staley. The Chargers easily could have hired Staley and kept Steichen around so the franchise quarterback wouldn't have to change offenses.

Instead, the Chargers hired Staley's buddy Joe Lombardi. We all know how that went.