Grading Chargers' 2023 rookie class after first quarter of the season

Los Angeles Chargers v Minnesota Vikings
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Second-round pick Tuli Tuipulotu: A+

Even if Johnston turns it around he is going to have a massive uphill battle in becoming the best Chargers draft pick from the 2023 class. Tulo Tuipulotu has been absolutely phenomenal so early in his NFL career as it appears that the Chargers found a real keeper.

Tuipulotu has been a real game-wrecker for the Chargers so early in his career. Even in the instances where he himself isn't recording a sack, his presence as a pass rusher has opened things up for his teammates. His versatility to play inside and outside has been truly special to watch.

Some players just have it and with some, you can see it right away. There is no denying that Tuipulotu has it and will be a very impactful player for many years to come.

Third-round pick Daiyan Henley: C-

Daiyan Henley started his rookie season with an injury and upon returning has not played on defense. In fact, Henley has played a grand total of one defensive snap in two games while he has logged 30 total special teams snaps.

Again, it is impossible to judge a rookie this early on when there are players blocking him on the depth chart. Henley will eventually get his chance and by then it will become clear whether or not he can be a difference-maker.

If the Chargers coaching staff continues to keep him off the field (like they did with JT Woods last year) then it might be an issue. For now, Chargers fans shouldn't worry as Henley as a solid C-.