Grading the Chargers' 2022 draft class one year later

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Isaiah Spiller, pick 123: F

This is another selection that probably won't end up as an F in the grand scheme of things but as it stands right now there is nothing to give Isaiah Spiller more than an F. When this selection was made, Chargers fans were touting how much of a steal it was and how dynamic the offense would be with Spiller in the fold.

What happened? He was not NFL-ready. And he might not be NFL-ready in year two. He was the youngest player in the 2022 NFL Draft and was a healthy scratch more times than he played. In fact, the team even thought it was better off bringing in Sony Michel to play over Spiller.

A draft class is about more than just their contributions as rookies. However, it does sting that the Chargers didn't get any sort of production whatsoever from the team's second and third pick in the draft.

Otito Ogbonnia, pick 160: C-

Otito Ogbonnia showed some signs of potential in his rookie season with the Chargers but overall, the rookie defensive lineman was far from perfect. Like with Johnson, that is the name of the game for most rookie linemen.

The problem for Ogbonnia was that he got hurt less than halfway through the season and only played seven games for the Bolts. It is impossible to know if he would have developed and come around more as the 2022 season trekked along.