Full Chargers mock draft with the Bolts trading down in round one

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Kazmeir Allen, Isaac Taylor-Stuart
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In the fifth and sixth rounds of this Chargers mock draft, the Bolts select:

158th: Cade Mays, G, Tennessee

Cade Mays was selected in our first LA Chargers mock draft of the offseason and we pick him here again in the exact same spot. The logic here is the same as it was a few weeks ago: the Chargers need to build up the depth of the offensive line and they cannot mass on a solid guard at this point in the draft.

Mays is not someone who the team can bank on being a starter in day one but he certainly has the capabilities of winning a job in camp. If not, the team will get a talented backup (nothing wrong with that) who can also play tackle in case of emergency.

194th: Isaac Taylor-Stuart, CB, USC

I am a firm believer in picking the best player left on the board if there is someone who stands out and Isaac-Taylor Stuart stands out from USC. Taylor-Stuart reminds me a bit of Michael Davis as he is six-foot-two but has blistering speed and can keep up with just about anyone.

He is a bit raw in his technique but with a cornerback already drafted and some free agency moves, Taylor-Stuart will get time to develop without being thrown to the wolves. While he develops, he can instantly be a plus contributor on special teams because of his athleticism.

215th: Michael Clemons, EDGE, Texas A&M

While the team has Chris Rumph to potentially step into a bigger role, the Bolts are still going to need to add depth at edge rusher. Kyler Fackrell is likely not going to return and even if Uchenna Nwosu does return, the Bolts need depth.

Clemons is a promising prospect that has shown some pretty valuable signs as a pass-rusher in college. The Bolts can work on his game and refine him and turn him into an impact player in time.