4 free agents who make perfect sense for Chargers after 2024 NFL Draft

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Cameron Fleming makes sense for the Chargers

The Chargers drafted a tackle with the fifth pick in Joe Alt and it still makes perfect sense to sign a veteran tackle now in free agency. Selecting Alt doesn't make it more likely that the Bolts will sign a tackle, but Jim Harbaugh's comments after the selection do.

Harbaugh said that the team still views Trey Pipkins as a starter and the team is going to start its five-best offensive linemen, which signals a move to guard for Pipkins. That does not look like a great fit on paper and may not end up working out, but it looks like the team is at least considering it.

If Harbaugh is serious about kicking Pipkins to the inside then the team needs to bring in someone to be a swing tackle. Of the options on the market, the one that makes the most sense is veteran Cameron Fleming.

Fleming's experience playing both left tackle and right tackle is exactly what the Chargers should be looking for out of a depth tackle. Is versatility is important as Harbaugh simply looks to play the best linemen and his specific skillset is important for who the Chargers are.

Fleming is not the best run blocker (Greg Roman won't be a fan of that) but he is a capable pass blocker as far as swing tackles go. Having someone who, at the very least, can offer some sort of reliable protection for Justin Herbert is a must.