3 free agents who played for Jim Harbaugh the Chargers may now sign

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Maurice Hurst

Speaking of the areas where depth is needed on the defensive side of the ball, the Chargers would benefit from adding more interior defensive line help this season. The Chargers are young in this are of the roster and there truly is potential there in the likes of Otito Ogbonnia and Scott Matlock. Wiht Morgan Fox being a solid pass-rushing interior defensive lineman, there is talent there.

But if the Chargers are going to buy into Harbaugh's brand of football to dominate the trenches then the team needs more help upfront. Sebastian Joseph-Day was waived by the Chargers after Brandon Staley was fired and Austin Johnson is a free agent that likely won't re-sign. The Chargers need to beef up the room.

The team could do that with someone who is coming from one of the best defenses in the entire sport, the Cleveland Browns. Maurice Hurst was not a hugely important reason for that success but he still played a role and has a lot to offer as a rotational defensive tackle.

Hurst was a menace during his time with Michigan and if there is anyone that can get the most out of him it is Harbaugh. All the Chargers need is someone who can play a third of the snaps as a rotational piece and there is no reason why Hurst wouldn't be able to do just that.

Hurst did recently call Cleveland a "special place" that he would like to return to, so he may not be looking for a new home necessarily this offseason. However, with his former college coach back in the league, that could all change.

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