3 free agents who played for Jim Harbaugh the Chargers may now sign

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Josh Uche

The Chargers may need to add some help on the exterior depending on what the team does in the offseason. Joey Bosa cannot stay healthy and Khalil Mack is the most obvious cap casualty in the world. It is more than likely that one of the two will be off the team in 2024, which creates a need for more talent on the outside.

Tuli Tuipulotu is great and is going to be a really good player in this league but he is at his best when he is moving and playing on both the inside and outside. Chris Rumph just doesn't cut it (and might not be on the team next year) and there are no real depth options outside of that.

With other pressing needs in the draft, the Chargers could look to get their depth edge rusher in free agency. That is where Josh Uche would come in. Uche has not necessarily lived up to his draft status as a second-round pick but there is a lot of promise in the outside linebacker.

Uche finished with 11.5 sacks in 2022 and has experience on special teams as well. He is not someone who will reinvent the Chargers' defense but he could play a key role to improve the room as a whole.

Uche is not a "pin his ears back and rush" type of outside linebacker and he could do several unique things for the Chargers on defense. With the Chargers needing to add depth anyway, the team might as well bring in someone Harbaugh is familiar with.