3 free agents Chargers were wise to avoid

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While the LA Chargers did not have many resources entering the offseason there was still some hope that the team would make splashy signings in free agency. Los Angeles has actually done quite the opposite, making big moves to part ways with fan favorites while making cheaper signings around the edges.

For the most part, new general manager Joe Hortiz has done a great job at signing free agents who make sense on this roster. Part of a championship-winning formula isn't just signing the right people, it is knowing which free agents to avoid.

And as far as the Chargers are concerned, there are several free agents wo may have made sense at one point that the team will be happy they passed on.

Chargers were wise to avoid Saquon Barkley

There was a period of time before Saquon Barkley signed with the Philadelphia Eagles that a large contingent of the fanbase wanted to see him in powder blue. Fans didn't just want to see Barkley on the Chargers, there was a large chunk of fans who were convinced it was going to happen.

After all, Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Greg Roman are looking to reinvent the running game and Barkley was the biggest name on the market. It never made sense considering the Chargers' financial situaiton, and it would have been a bad fit as well.

While Barkley got a big deal for a running back, it actually was doable for the Chargers considering all of the cap-saving measures they have done. According to Over The Cap, Saquon's cap hit is only $3.8 million for 2024. That is 100% a figure the Chargers could have worked into the books.

But even though it was doable financially it is still a good thing the Chargers stayed away. He might be a big name but Barkley's numbers the last two seasons have not been good and they would not have improved much in LA.