4 free-agent running backs Chargers can sign to replace Austin Ekeler

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D'Onta Foreman

If the Chargers want to go even cheaper than Edwards or Moss with a veteran running back then they should look at someone like D'Onta Foreman. The Chargers can afford to pay for Edwards or Moss but the team could still look to save another $1 million or so by going even cheaper in free agency.

Foreman signed a one-year, $2 million contract with the Chicago Bears last offseason and that is likely going to be his price in free agency this year as well. While there are promising signs around his game, the running back class is simply way too deep for Foreman to ask for more money than he received a year ago.

On the surface, Foreman does not look like someone who Chargers fans should be excited about and it is understandable if any fans are hesitant. His overall numbers are not the best and his athleticism does not jump off the tape.

That being said, the numbers beneath the surface are promising and Foreman has had great showings in the past. Foreman had a 53.2% rushing success rate last season, which was among the best for backs with at least 100 carries. Just a year ago, he finished with 914 yards on 203 carries with five touchdowns.

Foreman is still only 27 years old and as a rotational veteran, he can certainly play a big role. He has no real value as a pass-catcher and shouldn't be a lead back but as a short-yardage veteran, he would be a solid pickup.

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