3 free-agent moves from AFC West rivals that should terrify Chargers fans

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals
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3. Chiefs re-signing Chris Jones

The original premise of this article was to highlight one terrifying move from each of the AFC West foes this offseason. The only problem is that the Denver Broncos really have not done much to worry Chargers fans.

What are Chargers fans supposed to do, be scared of the Broncos signing Josh Reynolds? I know it seemed silly to include Minshew in this article but c'mon now. When Reynolds is your best addition in an offseason that is how you know it was a bad offseason.

Instead, the other move that should worry Chargers fans is one that kept the strongest team in the division as strong as they were last season. There was hope that Chris Jones would leave the Chiefs after last year's contract holdout but it ultimately did not matter. Jones and the Chiefs signed a new deal.

The tail end of this contract probably won't be the best for Jones as he likely won't ace gracefully but the Chiefs are not worried about that. All Kansas City wanted was to keep the most impactful defensive player on the team on the roster. And that is what they did.

Kansas City's defense did a lot of heavy lifting throughout last season when the offense wasn't playing at its best and Jones was a huge proponent in that defensive success. Now, the Chargers have to prepare for a Chiefs team that will, yet again, be great on both sides of the ball.