3 free-agent moves from AFC West rivals that should terrify Chargers fans

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals
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2. The Raiders signing Gardner Minshew

Chargers fans were definitely expecting this to be the Christian Wilkins signing but in fact, that is a move Chargers fans can laugh. Wilkins is undoubtedly the best player that the Raiders brought in this offseason but that does not make it a great signing.

It was a classic Tom Telesco move to overspend on a free agent whose best days are most likely behind him. Even if he plays at the same level, Wilkins is an elite run-stuffing defensive tackle who is not a great pass-rusher. To commit so much money to a run defend specialist, in 2024, is silly.

Instead, the move that should worry Chargers fans is the two-year signing of Gardner Minshew. This may seem a bit absurd to say out loud, but there is a reason. This might not be the most terrifying move, but it can have a negative impact on the Chargers in 2024.

The Raiders are essentially admitting that they will be okay not taking a quarterback in the first round if it is not someone who they like. Minshew was paid this much to be a bridge starter, and unless someone who the Raiders like falls, they probably will address another area.

This is bad for the Chargers as the best thing the Raiders could have done was reach for a quarterback like Bo Nix with the 13th pick. That would end up being a predictable disaster, and would result in another wasted first-round pick by Vegas.

Instead, the Raiders have a competent quarterback who nearly led the Indianapolis Colts to the playoffs last season. Minshew may not make the playoffs as the Raiders starter, but the odds of Vegas stealing a game from the Chargers are much higher than if Nix was the starting QB.