Former prospect with Jim Harbaugh ties is now available for Chargers to sign

Los Angeles Charges OTA Offseason Workout
Los Angeles Charges OTA Offseason Workout / Harry How/GettyImages

The LA Chargers have proven that they will continue to improve the roster where possible even as the NFL world slows down in the summer. Just last week, the Chargers made the shocking addition of former Las Vegas Raiders first-round pick Alex Leatherwood to compete for a roster spot.

Once Corey Linsley's retirement is made official, the Chargers will have three more roster spots to utilize for training camp to bring in more competition for key spots.

Offensive line is always going to be a key spot, even as the Chargers continue to add players late into the summer. A team can never have too much depth on the offensive line and with how the Bolts have operated this offseason, the team can never have too many players who have previous ties to the coaching staff and front office.

A new player with connections to the Chargers just hit the open market in offensive lineman Andrew Stueber. Stueber played for Jim Harbaugh at Michigan and that connection could be enough to get him in the door to fight for a roster spot this summer.

Chargers may have new free-agent target in Andrew Stueber

To sit here and pass Stueber off as some kind of difference-making signing that would undoubtedly bolster the depth of the Chargers' offensive line would be disingenuous. Stueber was a seventh-round pick who has not played a single snap in the NFL. Signing him would be nothing more than a gut shot.

But, it is a gut shot that at least makes some sense for the Chargers considering his ties to Harbaugh. General manager Joe Hortiz has made it very clear how valuable connections are to his roster-building strategy. There are several former Baltimore Ravens and the Chargers just drafted two Michigan Wolverines. That gives Stueber a fighting chance of signing with the Bolts.

While he does not have any regular-season NFL film, he was still an important member of the Michigan offensive line and was one of the better tackles in the Big 10 during his time with Harbaugh. Stueber also has the versatility to play guard, which would be a feather in his cap if he were to be signed by the Chargers to compete for a roster spot.

Back when he was still in college, Stueber lauded the chemistry that Harbaugh created and said that he had never been closer to a team than he was with the Wolverines. Harbaugh is looking to create that same situation on the Chargers, and adding another player who has at least been through it might be what is best for the team.