5 former Chargers who are still having trouble finding a job

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Jalen Guyton

Jalen Guyton is the other somewhat prolific 2023 Charger who still does not have a job this offseason and he finds himself in a very similar situation as Kelley. It would not be surprising whatsoever if Guyton does not sign with a team until after May 1 and is only competing with a backend roster spot once he does sign.

Guyton put together two very solid years with the LA Chargers and proved to be a reliable weapon down the field for Justin Herbert. That is why fans were convinced that he would return to the offense and add new juice to the passing game after recovering from his torn ACL.

Predictably, the speed threat who does not really do much else on offense was not the same when he was coming off a torn ACL. Guyton looked slower, was not as effective, and put together the worst season of his career at the worst time.

What other team in the league is going to look at Guyton's 10 catches for 89 yards in eight games played this season and clamor to sign him? None. Unless there is someone with direct ties to Guyton who pushes for him, it is hard to even think of a good fit for the former Chargers wideout.

This very well could be the end of the road for Guyton's career and if it is it would be a real shame. He was never quite the same after the torn ACL and it really did change the entire trajectory of his career.