3 former Chargers fans would love to see return in 2024

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Drue Tranquill

Drue Tranquill leaving the Chargers last season was noteworthy as nobody really seemed to know what happened. Did Tranquill reject an offer from the Chargers because he wanted more money and wanted to sign with a contender? Or did the Chargers not offer Tranquill a deal as the team obviously wanted to sign Eric Kendricks?

Nobody really knows what happens other than Tranquill and Tom Telesco, and based on Tranquill's passive-aggressive shots at his former team, it seems like him leaving the Chargers had a lot more to do with Brandon Staley wanting someone else than we realized.

All that being said, Staley is no longer with the team and Tranquill checks an obvious box that the Chargers need to address. Kendricks will certainly be a cap casualty this offseason and the Bolts need to bring in a starting-caliber linebacker.

Coming back to LA might be tough to do with the shots that Tranquill has fired but it would still be best for the team. Tranquill got his Super Bowl run with the Chiefs, now he could come back and settle unfinished business and try to reach that mountaintop with Jim Harbaugh and the Chargers.

If Staley and Telesco were still running the show there would be absolutely no chance that Tranquill would return. But with Harbaugh in town, Tranquill could absolutely be a free-agent signing with his projected salary under $4 million.