5 former Chargers who stand out among the free-agent scrap heap

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4. Derek Watt

Fullbacks don't get a lot of love in the NFL these days. The position has never been less important than it is today but there are still some teams that utilize the fullback position as part of the offense. The days of Lorenzo Neal and Mike Alstott are certainly over.

This is a shame because Derek Watt was quietly one of the best fullbacks in the sport for the Pittsburgh Steelers last season and he is still available for any team to sign in free agency. Watt probably would prefer to stay in Pittsburgh to avoid moving and for the chance to continue playing with his brother but nothing has yet happened.

Any team that is in the market for fullback help (which shouldn't be many) should be giving Watt a call to potentially bring him in. This is someone who knows what it means to be a fullback and Chargers fans saw that during his time in the powder blue.

Heck, the Steelers had one of the best short-yardage offenses in the entire league last season and Watt was a huge reason why. The fullback dive was almost unstoppable for Pittsburgh in 2022 yet did not receive nearly the same buzz as the Eagles' quarterback sneak.

It might seem strange to include a fullback on this list of former Chargers who stand out in free agency but it is well-deserved.