5 former Chargers who stand out among the free-agent scrap heap

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3. Justin Jackson

Justin Jackson has always shown flashes of being really promising at the running back position but could never stay healthy for the Chargers. Right when the Chargers would need him most he would suffer an injury that would result in him missing multiple weeks.

But when Jackson was on the field he very obviously belonged and was good enough to be a difference-maker. Heck, you could make the case that a healthy Justin Jackson is the best between-the-tackles runner the Chargers have had over the last two years.

LA could not justify bringing Jackson back with the Isaiah Spiller selection in the 2022 NFL Draft so he ultimately went to the Detroit Lions. There, Jackson was buried on a depth chart that had a lot of talent at running back so he didn't really get many chances.

That being said, he still proved every time he was on the field that he is a viable NFL running back. There are a lot of bad backs in this league and there absolutely is a place for a 26-year-old with potential and low miles to carve out a role.

It might not happen soon, but there will be a team that is down on its luck at running back (heck, maybe it could be the Chargers) that will inevitably bring Jackson in as an option for the 2023 season.