3 former Chargers players we're glad are gone, 2 we wish never left

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Chargers fans should be glad Michael Davis is gone

It was unclear if Michael Davis was even going to be able to find a new home this offseason. The aging cornerback was statistically one of the worst starting cornerbacks in the league at a position where teams often favor youth.

It was hard to see a team taking a chance on Davis and giving him a contract (with a roster spot) when any interested team could just take a flier on a day-three rookie to have the same impact. But alas, connections reign supreme in the NFL as Davis is also reuniting with Lynn in Washington.

It is unclear what kind of role Davis is going to play in Dan Quinn's defense or if the former Cowboys defensive coordinator is going to be able to elevate him next season. If Davis is playing like he did for the Chargers then he is not a starting-caliber cornerback.

This is a case where Chargers fans would be happy to see Davis succeed in Washington as he was a great feel-good story on the Bolts. Davis truly was a diamond in the rough and when he was playing at his best he looked like a true, legitimate CB1.

The problem with Davis is that he was so inconsistent and could never string that top-line play together for more than half a season. Perhaps Quinn can tap into that and get a rejuvenated Davis back. Either way, Chargers fans won't miss him and will be rooting for him from afar.