3 former Chargers failing miserably with their new team in 2023

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There is more roster turnover in the NFL than any other professional sport in the United States thanks to the active roster being 53 players deep. As a result, there are a lot of former Chargers scattered throughout the NFL.

Some of those former Chargers are playing well, either elevating their play from when they were with the Bolts or carrying on the strong play that the Chargers instilled in them. That is not the case for all former Chargers, though, as some are playing fairly poorly for their new teams.

3 former Chargers failing miserably with their new team:

Jerry Tillery

Chargers fans already saw Jerry Tillery this season when the Chargers hosted the Raiders in Week 4 of the 2023 season. It was the first time that Tillery played in front of Chargers fans since being waived and subsequently signed by the Raiders and he made sure to make it a memorable game.

Tillery delivered an inexcusable dirty hit on his former quarterback that sent Justin Herbert flying after he already stepped out of bounds. This resulted in Tillery getting ejected from the game along with a hefty fine from the league office.

That is the most memorable thing that Tillery has done all season as he has not been very productive for the Raiders. Chargers fans saw this coming from a mile away as this was the story with Tillery when he was with the Bolts.

Tillery is a negative on run defense and has not been able to generate pressure on the quarterback, having just one sack on the season. Those are pretty bad numbers for a guy who the Raiders are paying more for this season than the Chargers are paying for Morgan Fox.