3 first-round prospects Chargers fans should hope stay out the AFC West

West Virginia v Texas Tech
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Tyree Wilson, Texas Tech - Edge

One position both the Chiefs and Raiders are looking to bolster this offseason and in the upcoming draft is edge rusher. There are numerous edge rushers to be happy about in this draft but the main ones to be worried about going to a rival will, of course, be at the beginning of the draft.

An honorable mention here is Will Anderson Jr. out of Alabama who many believe will be the first non-quarterback taken this draft. The name Chargers fans don't want to hear the Raiders say alongside that of Devon Witherspoon is Tyree Wilson. The Texas Tech prospect is top 3 at the position on most if not all draft boards. Some analysts even have him above Anderson, so the Raiders would be getting a top projected talent if they call his name at pick 7.

The Raiders currently have two strong edge rushers in Maxx Crosby and Chandler Jones, but they have no depth behind them. Aside from depth, Jones is well out of his prime and coming off of an injury where Wilson would fit as a perfect replacement for him. In the middle of Vegas' line sits Jerry Tillery and Bilal Nichols. Tillery and Nichols are both liabilities in the run game, where Tyree Wilson excels and will bring great improvement to the team's defense.

Wilson is a monster of a man on defense in size and physicality. He should be seen as the top at his position in the draft and would be a nightmare for the West if the Raiders decide to draft him with the seventh pick.

Our one solace is that the Raiders have been known to make some rash decisions when drafting in the first round as of late, we will just have to wait and see what they decide to do this year along with the Chiefs on April 27th when it is their time on the clock.

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