3 first-round prospects Chargers fans should hope stay out the AFC West

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Devon Witherspoon, Illinois - CB

The Las Vegas Raiders' secondary is by far one of their weakest links at the moment. With the seventh pick in the draft, they will likely have their pick of the litter when comes to defensive backs if they decide to go that route in the first round.

There are two main cornerbacks being talked about at the top of the draft: Christian Gonzalez and Devin Witherspoon. Gonzalez has elite speed and great size for the corner position, but there are many areas he needs to work on at the next level. His technique is inconsistent, he leaves too much cushion, and he is a liability in a zone defense. He has the potential to be an elite corner, but his floor is definitely lower than his counterpart Witherspoon.

Witherspoon has the potential to be an elite corner and dominates in man-to-man coverage. His technique is already NFL-ready, he has a well-above-average football IQ and the speed to mirror routes and break on balls. He is the best press corner out of the draft and although similarly to Gonzalez, he isn't as adept in zone coverage, he has the technique and mental aptitude to develop and be more than serviceable in a zone defense as well. Overall, he is one of the top prospects in this draft.

The biggest question about Witherspoon is his size. He is undersized for the position and can be bullied at the line at times. Size aside though, Witherspoon has the strength to make up for it as shown in some of his highlights from Illinois, and he can always bulk up at the next level.

We may see one corner go before the Raiders at 7, but there is a good chance the Raiders will have a lot to choose from between quarterback, cornerback, edge defender and more, hopefully, that pick does not end up being Devon Witherspoon.