Every Chargers player entering their last game under contract in Week 18

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Chargers
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CB Michael Davis

Michael Davis truly looked the part of being a CB1 to close the 2022 season. That makes his 2023 season all the more strange, as Davis wasn't just the worst defensive player on the team but he might have been the worst corner in the league that received regular play time.

There is no future for Davis in Los Angeles and unless a previous coach of his scoops him up inf ree agency, it is hard to see him having much of a market after the 2023 season that he put on tape.

QB Easton Stick

Easton Stick had a chance to cement himself as the long-term QB2 at the end of the 2023 season with Justin Herbert getting injured. In that time Stick was just... fine. He was not as awful as many expected, but he certainly did not look like a backup quarterback who could fill in and win a game for the Chargers.

It will be interesting to see how the Chargers approach the backup quarterback spot. Will they accept mediocrity knowing the season is over if Herbert gets hurt again? Or will they invest in someone like Gardner Minshew?

DL Austin Johnson

Austin Johnson was brought in ahead of the 2022 season to be part of the solution to the Chargers' horrible run defense. Johnson certainly made the team better in that regard when he came to LA but he never quite panned out as expected. It is time for the Chargers to move on.

DL Nick Williams

Another rotational defensive lineman, it is hard to see Nick Williams being retained by a new head coach and general manager next season. Williams was fine for what he was but it is time for the Chargers to give the young guys more looks.