Every Chargers player entering their last game under contract in Week 18

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Chargers
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RB Austin Ekeler

Austin Ekeler is the biggest name that is hitting free agency and he did not have the kind of 2023 season that he was hoping for. After failed extension talks resulted in a trade request that went nowhere, the Chargers added incentives to Ekeler's deal that he probably didn't hit.

Ekeler is coming off the worst season of his career and is not getting any younger. It is a guarantee that he won't return and it won't be surprising if he is out of the league entirely.

TE Gerald Everett

The Chargers are in a bleak position when it comes to the tight end room. The room was already bad as is this season and the best member of that room, Gerald Everett, is hitting free agency and could leave for a bigger payday.

Los Angeles cannot pay much to retain Everett but it might be imperative to do so. Thankfully, there is a lot of cheap tight end talent in the league so the Chargers could replace Everett if need be, but keeping him in the building is the most ideal situation.

SAF Alohi Gilman

Alohi Gilman is coming off the best year of his career but there were still holes in his game that came out every so often throughout the season. If the same Chargers brass was returning in 2024 then it might have felt like a no-brainer that he would re-sign. But with the Chargers cleaning house, it is hard to say if Gilman will return.

LB Kenneth Murray

The breakout season that Chargers fans were anticipating did not happen this season for Kenneth Murray. There were certainly flashes of Murray turning the corner, especially early in the year, but that hype quickly faded as he made the same mistakes over and over late in the season. With how barren the room is next season, though, the Chargers may have no choice but to re-sign him.