4 dream draft prospects that could fall to Chargers at 54 after first round

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Adetomiwa Adebawore, EDGE

There are two directions the Chargers could go if they take an edge rusher in the second round. They could either take someone like Hall, who slides in as traditional outside linebacker that would primarily stay at that position for them in 2023.

Or, the team could take someone that has the versatility to move around the defensive line and that would be Adetomiwa Adebawore. There is less of a chance that Adebawore falls to the Chargers at 54 but if he is there it might be too hard for the Chargers to turn down his high ceiling.

The team has already shown that it is willing to bet on high ceilings over high floors with the Johnston pick and we may see the same thing happen with Adebawore. After all, it is really easy to fall in love with Adebawore because of his physical traits and combine performance.

Adebawore was the biggest standout of the NFL Combine, running a staggering 4.49 40-yard dash. That is not normal for someone who weighs 280 pounds.

Adebawore is raw, there is no denying that, but because of his size and athleticism, he has the ability to be a rotational player on the inside. This would allow the team to get creative across the defensive line, especially considering the team doesn't have a second pass-rusher inside opposite of Morgan Fox.

As the 44th-ranked player on the Consensus NFL Mock Draft big board, Adebawore is expected to go before the Bolts with some people even projecting him to sneak into the first round (that obviously didn't happen). If he continues to slide because of how green he is the Chargers might be the team to jump on the hype train.

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