4 dream draft prospects that could fall to Chargers at 54 after first round

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Derick Hall, EDGE, Auburn

A lot of Chargers fans were surprised that the team took Quentin Johnston with the 21st pick because of the edge rushers that were on the board. Myles Murphy, and more importantly, Nolan Smith were both on the board and it seemed like destiny that the Bolts would go in that direction.

After all, Staley is a defensive guy and he is yet to draft a defensive player in the first round of the NFL Draft since becoming head coach. The team also desperately needs edge-rushing depth that can help during the 2023 season but also in 2024 and beyond once Khalil Mack is gone.

Outside of liking Johnston, perhaps the Chargers passed on these edge rushers because of the talent that might be available to the team with the 54th overall pick. There are several edge rushers still on the board and of anyone on this list, Derick Hall falling to the Bolts seems the most likely.

Hall would fit perfectly on Staley's defense and would give the team exactly what it needs in terms of depth and a future option to replace Mack. He is built to be an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense as he has one of the best power-rush moves of anyone in this draft.

Hall will be good against the run right away and as he develops more diverse pass-rushing techniques he should come around in that aspect as well. The Chargers would be an excellent place for him to place as it would give him somewhere that allows him to lean into his strengths right away without putting too much on his plate.