4 dream draft prospects that could fall to Chargers at 54 after first round

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Brian Branch, DB, Alabama

Brian Branch is someone who Chargers fans were debating as a potential candidate to be picked at 21 prior to the draft. And at the time, it did not even seem like a guarantee that Branch would be on the board for the Chargers when they were on the clock.

Branch was on the board and he continues to be on the board as we head into the second round of the 2023 NFL Draft. There obviously is a decent chance that he is picked before the Chargers are back on the clock but there is also reason to believe that he could end up falling.

The one drawback of Branch is that he is kind of in-between positions. He was a safety at the collegiate level but many expect him to make the move to cornerback at the NFL level. Things like this can turn teams away, especially if they are looking for more traditional cornerbacks.

And there are several traditional cornerbacks still on the board that could be taken in the early second round. Kelee Ringo, Joey Porter Jr, DJ Turner II and Cam Smith are all still on the board. If any teams are turned off by Branch being in-between positions then they have a slew of corners to choose from.

Branch falling to the Chargers at 54 would have similar vibes as when Asante Samuel Jr. fell to the team in the second round of the 2021 NFL Draft. He is very obviously talented enough and has produced but could slide because of silly reasons (Samuel's height was the reason why he slid). But like with Samuel, it could benefit the Bolts.