Dolphins' Mike McDaniel gives Chargers bulletin board material with bitter jab at Brandon Staley

Mike McDaniel never thinks about getting blown out by the Chargers! Never...
Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers
Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers / Harry How/GettyImages

The LA Chargers will kickstart the 2023 season by hosting the Miami Dolphins. While Miami was a playoff team last season and is undoubtedly talented, Chargers fans are feeling confident heading into the game after the Bolts routed the Dolphins last season.

It wasn't just a blowout win for the Chargers but it seemingly exposed the flaws in the high-powered Dolphins offense. Combined with another ugly loss the week before, this primetime loss was the turning point of the season for the Dolphins.

It is hard to blame the Dolphins for having a chip on their shoulder in this matchup. But there is a difference between having something to prove and being outright bitter. Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel appeared to go the route of the latter, giving the Chargers bulletin board material in the process.

Maybe a head coach shouldn't poke the bear and give the team that whopped his team the previous year more material to run with leading into the game. That is just a hunch, though.

Mike McDaniel just set himself up for embarrassment if the Chargers rout the Dolphins

There is a world in which McDaniel and the Dolphins get their revenge and his comments to the media are vindicated. If that happens, this clip will be completely forgotten about and it won't blow up in McDaniel's face.

Heck, McDaniel will probably be fine even if the Dolphins lose a close game in which the offense plays well. Chargers fans will heckle him and the Dolphins but he won't get widespread cake in his face by the rest of the league.

But if the Chargers go out and put a beating on the Dolphins, especially if Tua Tagovailoa has another awful game against Staley's defense, then it is going to be a horrible look at McDaniel. Tua has historically struggled against the Staley-style of defenses and history says it will happen again (especially if his star left tackle isn't playing). McDaniel mocking that idea in the media is playing with fire.

Chargers fans already had plenty of reasons to get up for Sunday and be excited for the return of football. Fans were even more excited as Miami has become a fringe rival in recent years. Now, this game means even more and is going to get both the fanbase and the team buzzing.