4 devastating draft mistakes that continue to haunt the Chargers

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
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Taking Zion Johnson over Trent McDuffie

The Zion Johnson pick was celebrated by pockets of Chargers fans and to be fair, it was a solid selection at the time. It was not the best selection that the Bolts could have made but Johnson was a capable first-round guard who had potential in the NFL.

There have been two problems with the Johnson selection that have developed since it happened. The first is that Johnson has been a below-average guard, plain and simple. He got a pass for his shortcomings in his rookie season but he arguably took a step back in his second year.

Johnson will get one more year to prove that he can be a viable starting guard but if he does not prove it to the new coaching staff this season then the Chargers will have no other option but to look at alternatives, regardless of his status as a first-round pick.

The other issue with the Johnson pick is that the other most likely pick the Chargers could have made, Trent McDuffie, has been balling out. McDuffie has been exceptional in two seasons for the Chiefs and was the best player on either side of the ball in the Super Bowl against the 49ers.

This is not a case of singling out the next-best player that was taken in the draft. There were real legs to the Chargers taking McDuffie before the draft, with most of the fanbase expecting that to be the selection.

Don't believe us? Look at the receipts: