3 defensive Michigan players the Chargers may draft for Jesse Minter

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Mike Sainristil, CB

Of all the defensive players that the Chargers could draft from Michigan in the 2024 NFL Draft, cornerback Mike Sainristil is the most talked about in the fanbase. Sainristil has the perfect intersection of being an intriguing draft prospect while also filling an area of need for the Bolts.

As it stands right now, the only cornerbacks on the Chargers who actually have experience taking starting reps are Asante Samuel Jr. and Deane Leonard. And even in the case of Leonard, his sample size as a starting cornerback in this league is very small.

The Chargers undoubtedly have to draft a cornerback early on in the NFL Draft and also should probably sign a cheap veteran as well just to fill out the room. If the Chargers don't end up taking a cornerback in the first two rounds, Sainristil could be the pick in round three.

Some fans love Sainristil enough that they would be willing to use the team's second-round pick on him. Taking Sainristil in the top 50 might be a bit too rich but there is also the chance that he doesn't make it back to the Chargers in round three. Thus, the team might be forced to "reach" a bit for Sainristil if they really want to bring him in.

Sainristil will likely be contained to only playing in the slot, at least early on in his NFL career, and that is perfectly fine. With Samuel and Leonard on the outside, adding Sainristil to the slot could really improve the outlook in the secondary.