David Carr's tone-deaf Chargers take shows his obvious bias against Bolts

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The 2023 NFL Draft is in the books and for the most part, the LA Chargers seem to have put together a solid draft class. Not every pick in the class is a home run — and we will not truly know how good it is until the players actually play — but it is safe to say that most fans are happy with the results.

Overall, the Chargers had a fairly solid offseason to build off of a playoff berth in 2022. The team may not have brought in many big names like a year ago but it retained the most important free agents on the roster while fixing a huge issue at the offensive coordinator position.

The Chargers still have to go out and prove it on the field during the 2023 season but things are looking promising in LA. Despite that, the Bolts still have their retractors who are somehow looking at this like it is a horrible offseason for the team.

One of those retractors is David Carr — brother of now-former Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr — who had a scorching hot take about the Chargers. Carr argues that the Chargers weren't just unable to close the gap on the Kansas City Chiefs, but will fall off the mountain altogether.

David Carr shows obvious Chargers bias with tone-deaf take

Look, anything can happen in the NFL. It does not matter how optimistic fans can be about a certain team, the Chargers can disappoint and miss the playoffs in 2023. It happened in 2021 and to pretend like it is impossible in 2023 would be silly.

That being said, to argue that the Chargers have completely fallen off the mountain after this offseason is just as silly. Carr brings up the postseason loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, which was painful but fails to bring in any real insight about the team on top of that.

Did he bring up the fact that this team won 10 games last season and made the playoffs despite being the most injury-prone team in the league (which included Justin Herbert playing through two injuries)? Nope. Did he consider the fact that they added a proven offensive coordinator and replenished the small number of roster holes they had? Not at all.

Health alone will give the Chargers a much better chance at making a run in 2023. Of course, health is not guaranteed in the NFL, but this team has already proven it can weather the biggest storm possible and still make the playoffs.

We all know that Carr has had something against the Chargers that likely stems from his brother playing for the Raiders for so long. This is not the first controversial take Carr has had about the team and it certainly won't be the last.

Maybe he and Emmanuel Acho can start a support group for analysts who hate on the Chargers without real insight only to be proven wrong.