4 dark horse candidates to replace Brandon Staley as Chargers head coach

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Press Taylor could be a dark horse Chargers head coach candidate

Johnson would not be the only coach who would benefit from the Chargers hiring someone from the Eagles organization. If the Chargers were to go that route then another name who would instantly shoot up as a head coach candidate would be Jacksonville Jaguars OC Press Taylor.

Taylor has been part of Doug Pederson's coaching staff for several years, joining him in the transition from the Eagles to the Jaguars. Taylor, like Staley, is very young (36) and does not have much experience in the league. But his resume (and potential ability to interview) could convince the Chargers, especially if there is a former Eagles presence in the building.

Taylor was hired to be the Jaguars' offensive coordinator in 2022 when Pederson took over the job. Prior to that, Taylor spent one season on the Colts' staff under Frank Reich, who became the head coach of the Colts after his stint under Pederson. As mentioned, Taylor was also under Pederson and has some infamy to his name.

The now-infamous "Philly Special" was Taylor's brainchild when he was just an assistant quarterbacks coach on the staff. He earned a promotion to quarterbacks coach the following year, then earned a promotion to passing game coordinator in 2020 before joining Reich in Indy.

After failing to hire a good defensive-minded head coach, the Chargers may be pursuing an offensive-minded head coach who can be the next young prodigy. Like Johnson, Taylor fits that billing.