Daiyan Henley helps train the enemy (who the Chargers play in 2024)

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Daiyan Henley is projected to be a key contributor for the LA Chargers in 2024. The second-year linebacker didn't get much playing time on defense in his rookie season but he still looked extremely polished during camp and in the preseason snaps he did play.

As it stands right now, Henley has a fast track to start at the linebacker position alongside Denzel Perryman. Third-round rookie Junior Colson adds competition to the room that will hopefully elevate all parties as a result.

Henley is taking the second-year jump seriously as he is not spending his summer break vacationing. Instead, Henley is working out with some of the most notable players in the sport. The only problem is one of these players is a Chargers' opponent who Henley will directly compete with this season: Russell Wilson.

Daiyan Henley works out with Russell Wilson, who the Chargers play in Week 3

This clip did not paint Henley in the best light as he was constantly getting burned on routes by DK Metcalf. That being said, it is very clear that he was going at half speed and he is a linebacker after all going up against one of the fastest receivers in the sport.

Wilson does look half-decent in this workout clip but every quarterback in the league looks good in a workout clip when there is no pressure involved. Heck, high school quarterbacks can look this good when they are throwing to wide-open receivers with absolutely no pressure.

These workouts are typically organized by players who share agents or work out for the same offseason coaches. This is very obviously Henley just doing someone a favor while also getting some reps in himself to stay fresh.

But hey, maybe this puts a thought in Wilson's mind subconsciously that will pay off in Week 3 when the Chargers play the Steelers. Henley at least got some kind of intel from Wilson that he might be able to use when he faces off.

Perhaps Wilson remembers Henley not playing the tightest coverage over the summer and subconsciously attacks him in the passing tree. That is where Henley can pull off the bait and switch and come up with a big play in a big moment.

If that happens, we all will definitely be coming back to these clips.

Is this a stretch? Perhaps. But hey, we are in the middle of June and NFL content can be hard to come by. Daiyan Henley working out with a quarterback the Chargers play in 2024 is definitely a story during this part of the calendar.